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Product images that are of lower resolution will appear blurred when viewed on a high resolution screen. A better contrast between text and product image will improve the reading experience for users. When text and product images are not the same size, they do not show up correctly on the screen. Therefore, when a user is trying to view a product advertisement, they may find that they cannot see the item image or the text that may be near it. Other factors such as color, contrast, and resolution will also affect the visibility of text in an advertisement. The goal is to create the best image possible in order to make the various aspects of a product as clear and concise as possible.

The benefits of improving the appearance of product images are also important to ensure that the website has the highest conversion rate possible. Users are more likely to become interested in a website if they can easily see the products in it. Therefore, products that are difficult to see will also lead to less conversions.

At Adzis, we offer a human-based solution to improve image quality by adjusting product images to improve image quality by changing background color, increasing contrast, and using a higher resolution.

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Product Image Enhancement
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