Social Media Automation for your Online Shop




As seasoned eCommerce consultants, we know there are mainly two routes for building your store organically.

  1. The SEO route
  2. The Brand/Social Route

Even when there are PR based and Paid/Advertising routes, as a startup you will have to concentrate on the organic routes first before diving into the paid campaigns.

An active social media presence is necessary if you want to grow your customer base and drive engagement with your prospects.

Building your web presence organically on social media.

The social media route to grow your store is about creating a “top-of-the-mind” recall. With more users remembering and recalling your store, your traffic will grow gradually with more repeat visitors and with word-of-mouth.

But, if this is that simple, why do many store’s fail on social media?. 

The answer is that because to find high-quality, relevant stories takes hours,  and all those stores do not have the time or patience to follow a routine of consistent engagement.

Even if you are too busy to manage your social media, we at Adzis has built a solution for you to stay in front of your prospective buyers.

What’s the good news?

We at Adzis can help you grow faster without as much effort. 

  1. A stylish banner
  2. Unique, persuasive content about your product written specifically for your followers to drive engagement.
  3. Starting at $29 per month (limited time launch offer available only for the first 250 customers)
  4. 30 posts a month

Are you posting frequently enough to your social media for your customer to have your store name ontop-of-their-mind?

Social Media Automation

30 Posts a Month

We help you stay in front of your audience on social media by posting 30 times per month

100% Hands off Service

No need to even schedule or create content. We do everything for you. Just connect your social account with us.

Custom Made Content

Each post we create is custom made with a compelling content and are designed to engage your audience.

$29 per Month

An affordable social media management solution to help you grow faster without much effort and expense. Guaranteed cheapest price.

How is this different from other social media tools like Buffer, Hootsuite etc?

While Buffer & Hootsuite expects you to create content, that’s not the case here. We create your content.

With Adzis Social, you are not just scheduling posts, but using a set of Facebook experts to create and post content on your behalf.

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Social Media Automation for your Online Shop
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